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How we began

Sigma Iota Rho was created at American University in 1984, when the dean of the School of International Service recognized the need for an honor society for students studying international studies. Currently, the chapter at the University of Michigan is inactive, but consider joining us for our first year back on campus!


The purpose of Sigma Iota Rho is to provide a visible community of scholars and students with a shared interest in promoting the field of international studies, available to those in that community that exhibit excellence in academic achievement, service to the community, and promotion and advancement of the field of international studies.

Our work

While Sigma Iota Rho serves to recognize excellence among students, it is meant also to encourage a life-long devotion to a better understanding of the world we live in and to continuing support for and engagement in education, service, and occupational activities that reflect the mission of Sigma Iota Rho. We work to support our field and our department.

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